version 2.1.1 build 204, November 23, 2011

Fixed: "Error: AdsTblCompaigns: Field 'DBVer' not found" at the campaign opening on some computers.

version 2.1.0 build 199, November 15, 2011

Fixed: the "Export listings URL" option saved the URLs of the pages with your listings to a file only after you run a search for listed submissions.

Fixed: work with Gmail POP3 server.

Fixed: the "Retry Failed Submissions" option did not work on a filtered list of directories. The program started submitting to all directories that satisfied the filter criteria instead of "Failed" only.

version 2.0.10 build 198, October 21, 2011

Fixed: database restore procedure. If the account had no campaigns, the program showed the campaigns from the account saved to backup before. The "Invalid class typecast" error occurred when you tried to open a non existing campaign.

version 2.0.10, October 17, 2011

Fixed: PR determination in the manual submit mode.
Improved: express and manual submit modes.

version 2.0.5, September 29, 2011

Changed: work with Decaptcher. The decaptcher.dll file is not required anymore.
Improved: manual submit mode.

version 2.0.4, September 22, 2011

Fixed: several small bugs [errors at the program startup and campaigns loading].

version 2.0.2, September 15, 2011

Improved: manual submission mode.
Improved: search for the site listing in the directories.

version 2.0.1, September 13, 2011

Fixed: the program did not show titles/descriptions in the express submit mode if the user started submission right after creating the account and adding the campaign.
Fixed: some users who had many campaigns could not login into their accounts from the program.
Improved: manual submission mode.

version 2.0, September 9, 2011

Added: ability to use de-captcher to type the captcha automatically.
Added: ability to add the pages where the website is listed to Backlinks Indexer service and get the pages indexed by Google.
Added: ability to automatically check mailbox for confirmation messages and confirm submissions.
Added: "Listed In" field that shows the URL of the page where your website is listed in the directory.
Added: ability to export the URLs of the pages where your website is listed to a file.
Added: new directory status "Dead URL". If the directory does not respond when the program is searching for your site listing, the directory status changes to "Dead URL". As it may be a temporary problem with the directory, it's recommended that you re-check such directories some time later.
Added: "Mark as Failed" option to the manual submit mode.

Fixed: sometimes the program hung in the middle of the submission process.
Increased the submission speed in the express submit mode.

version 1.54, January 20, 2010

Fixed: the program crashed with the "Invalid pointer operation" error when an empty category was added to the MRU list in the express submission mode.

version 1.53, January 13, 2010

Fixed: on some systems the program did not allow type the CAPTCHA in the manual submission mode.
Fixed: the program lost the credit applied to a Gold campaign.

version 1.52, December 30, 2008

Fixed: certain directories did not open in the express submission mode.

version 1.51, July 17, 2008

Fixed: "You are not logged in" error when deleting a free campaign
Fixed: real time account synchronization with the online server

version 1.51, April 18, 2008

Fixed: Duplicate Titles and Descriptions in the express and manual submission modes.

version 1.50, April 10, 2008

Changed: server communication protocol is changed from XML to JSON. The campaign titles/descriptions will not disappear if the program losts connection.
Added: "Mark as Success" option to the manual submission form.
Many internal fixes and improvements.
The database is cleared from the directories that changed their submission mode to paid or reciprocal.

version 1.30, February 28, 2008

Added: Link summary to the report. The report includes the detailed information about the directories where the site is already listed and where the submission was successful.
Added: new free directories to the database.
The directories that changed their submission mode to paid or reciprocal are deleted from the database.

version 1.20, February 6, 2008

Fixed: submission campaigns were not restored after the program re-installation if the keywords contained the & character.
Global database update: about 400 directories that changed their type to paid or reciprocal are removed and about 400 free directories are added.

version 1.10, January 30, 2008

Added: new directory engine processing in the express submission mode.
Fixed: mouse wheel scrolling on some USB mouses didn't work in the manual submission mode.
The database is cleared from the directories that changed their submission mode to paid or reciprocal.

version 1.02, November 22, 2007

Added: new quality directories. The database now lists 2229 directories.
Improved: express and manual submission modes.

version 1.01, November 19, 2007

Added: easy way to backup and restore Fast Directory Submitter database (user accounts, submission campaigns and directories links). With this feature you can easily transfer the program from your computer at work to your home machine, or from the desktop to your laptop without losing user accounts, submission campaigns, or directory database. You just save a backup on one computer and restore the data with two mouse clicks on another machine.

Fixed: memory leak on the express submission mode.

Cleared the directories database (removed "dead" directories and directories that require reciprocal links, added new themed directories).

version 1.0 build 28 Release, November 09, 2007

Cleared the directories database (removed "dead" directories and directories that require reciprocal links, added new themed directories).
Added: synchronization of the local directories database with the database on the server.

version 1.0 beta build 18, October 26, 2007

Added: error message box if the program cannot connect the Internet when you create an account or add a campaign.
Added: "Delete Campaign" option. Available for the campaigns with Free submission type only.
Added: Check Site Listing -> All Submissions option. Ability to search for the site in all the directories at a time regardless of the submission status.
Added: Color legend by the submission status in the program status bar.
Fixed: the program didn't allow the use of special characters like "", '', etc. in the site title, keywords, or description when you added a new campaign.

version 1.0 Beta

+ First Public release