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How You Can Add Your Website to Hundreds Web Directories
and Get Free Backlinks Indexed by Google -- GUARANTEED!

Fast Directory Submitter v2 is finally released. The program underwent many changes and improvements and we have every reason to say that it takes directory submission to a higher level. Watch this video to see how Fast Directory Submitter v2 works and how you can benefit from it:

Here are some of exciting features we added to Fast Directory Submitter v2 (you won't find some of them in any competitor's program):

  • Auto-confirmation of submissions: you know that many directories send a confirmation email with a link to confirm your website submission. No need to click links manually anymore -- in Fast Directory Submitter v2 you can fully automate this process. Fast Directory Submitter v2 can check your mailbox at regular time intervals and confirm submissions automatically.

  • Auto-resolving of captcha: Fast Directory Submitter v2 is compatible with Decaptcher online service. You can signup with Decaptcher, check one little option in Fast Directory Submitter settings and don't waste your time for typing captcha manually -- the submission speed increases in times!

  • Shows the full URL of the page where your listing is: you can export the URLs of the pages where your link is on to a file and ping them later helping Google index your approved listings. It doesn't matter how many links you build to your website, those links won't help you if the pages where the links are on don't get indexed by Google. You may have a thousand approved submissions but only a dozen of them may be indexed. However if you ping, bookmark and link to the pages where your listings are, a few weeks later you will get a couple of hundreds indexed listings and your website will start climbing higher in SERPS!

  • Compatible with Backlinks Indexer: doing this manually (pinging URLs with your listings, creating RSS feeds, etc.) is a slow and tedious work. But there is an automated indexing service -- Backlinks Indexer. If you add the URLs of the pages with your listings to Backlinks Indexer, it syndicates your links (up to 500 links a day, depending on the kind of account you have) across a large amount of sites and gets thousands of links pointed at your URLs -- links that Google values. Unlike our competitors' tools Fast Directory Submitter v2 allows you add all the URLs of the pages that have your links to the Backlinks Indexer with one mouse click. A live example: we submitted our site to directories and some time later we had 200 approved submissions. We added 200 URLs where our site was listed at to Backlinks Indexer and 3 weeks later 70 URLs were indexed by Google.

Plus, we manually cleared the directory database from invalid links and directories that did not accept free submissions.

Before you start submitting your website to directories, please, take time to read these quick tips:

1. To increase your approve rate, create a new email address on the same domain that you will be submitting to directories. For example, if you submit www.yourdomain.com, you can create a new email address like submission@yourdomain.com and use it for your submissions only.

2. Be careful to select the relevant category for your website. One of the most common reasons of site rejection is the wrong category. Webmasters prefer declining your site rather than move it to the right category. At the beginning you should select the category manually. The program will remember most frequently used categories and will suggest the category for you.

3. If it is impossible to submit the site in the express submission mode (categories are not shown, etc.), click on "Submit Manually" button on the form and submit the website manually.

4. If the submission to some directories failed in the express mode, use the manual submission mode to re-submit the site to those directories.