Fast Directory Submitter includes 418 free web directories. When you add a new website for submission to directories, the new campaign appears with the Free type. In the free mode the program allows you submit the site to 150 directories only. You can upgrade your submission campaign to the Gold type and submit the site to all the directories in the program database.

Only for $20 per campaign you get access to the full directory database. Since web-based submission services charge $100 and more per 1000 directories, you save $80 at the least on each thousand directories with Fast Directory Submitter.

To purchase a credit:
  1. Click on the Members Area tab
  2. Login to your account with the email address and password that you used in Fast Directory Submitter
  3. Click on Buy Upgrade Points in the User Menu. You will be redirected to the ordering page
  4. Enter the quantity of credits you will purchase
  5. Click Order Now
IMPORTANT! Take special care to enter your e-mail address correctly. Enter the same e-mail address you used to create a user account in Fast Directory Submitter. The credits you'll purchase will be automatically transferred to your account in Fast Directory Submitter. If you use a different e-mail address to purchase credits, you'll need to send your login email address and order ID to G-Lock Software support team to have your account upgraded. Do not use free e-mail addresses from,,,, etc. because it will delay the processing of your order.

Your order will be processed by RegNow. iPortis is under contract with G-Lock Software to collect payments and process orders for our products. When your order is complete, you will receive a notification via e-mail.

After the credits are transferred to your user account, you can apply the upgrades to your campaigns.

To upgrade a campaign:

  1. Open Fast Directory Submitter
  2. Login into your user account
  3. Select a campaign from the list
  4. Click on Upgrade Selected Campaign button

The type of the upgraded campaign will change from Free to Gold.