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Choosing Directory Submission Software: Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Spending Your Hard Earned Dollars

Building backlinks and increasing your site popularity with search engines using directory submission is the hottest SEO trend on the web today. However, the directory submission process is one of the most boring and tedious tasks around. Many website owners outsource directory submission while others choose to use a directory submitter tool and submit their sites to directories on their own.

How do you choose the best directory submission software to handle this important process? Follow these tips to avoid being deceived and ripped off from unscrupulous sellers.

Here are my Top 10 Questions to ask the merchant company so you can get what you paid for and reach your goals:

  1. Are the directories in your software database well known across the web or are they just dummy sites? The company may advertise that they have thousands directories waiting for your website! What they don’t tell you is that no one knows about those directories, no one visits them. So no one will ever find your links. Ask for a few directories from their database. If they don’t seem credible, run fast!
  2. Do the directories in your database accept free submissions? Make sure that you won’t need to pay more to submit your site to the directories nor provide a reciprocal link.
  3. Does Google index the directories you provide? If Google doesn’t, then you are wasting your time and money as your link will never be seen by anyone.
  4. Do you ever update the directory database? If they don’t, look for any other directory submitter tool. As any other site on the Internet, the directories can “die”. You may get a live database of thousands directories now but in a few months only a hundred directories from the entire database may be still alive. Thus, you lose backlinks you paid for. So, ask the selling company if and how often they update the database by deleting dead directories and adding new ones you can submit your site to.
  5. Will I need to pay more for new directories? It has been from our experience that some companies charge an extra fee for the updated database. We think it’s not fair because you run the directory submission yourself. You spend your time. And you’ve already paid them for the quality directory database.
  6. Does your database contain many directories from the same IP address? Google may see the sites which have the same IP as having a "relation" with each other and thus treat them differently. It is quite possible that multiple links from the directories with the same IP address are not given full weight.
  7. Does your software allow alter the anchor text? You want to rank for different keywords in search engines and make your links look as unique as possible. That’s why you should be able to submit your site under different titles and descriptions. Good directory submitter software must allow you create a website profile with multiple titles and descriptions that will be rotated from directory to directory.
  8. Does your directory submitter automatically solve captcha? Most directories require the captcha code. You’ll waste much time for typing each captcha manually. Ask the software owner about the captcha solving capability. Good directory submitter software should be compatible with a decaptcher service.
  9. Can your software automatically confirm submissions? Many directories will send you an email to confirm your submission. You’ll make your life easier if the directory submitter tool can automatically check your mailbox for confirmation emails from directories and click on confirmation links for you.
  10. How will I know if my submission was approved or not? You definitely don’t want to spend hours for manually opening each directory in the browser and searching it for your link. Good software should be able to crawl each directory you submitted to, check it for your link, report you if the link exists and give you the URL of the page where your link is found. Ask the company if you can export the URLs to a file. You can ping those pages later or use the Backlinks Indexer service to help Google index your approved listings.

You want directory submission software from a company that cares about your success. Make sure that software you choose reduces the cost and complexity of your directory submission process, and that the support will guide you every step of the way. Follow these tips to ensure you get what you pay for! If not, you could be headed for failure.

I hope to see you all over the Web. 

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