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Fast Directory Submitter - Video Tutorial

From this video tutorial you'll learn how you can start building one way quality links to your website using Fast Directory Submitter.

Just 3 simple steps:

Download Link Directory Submitter

  1. Download and install Fast Directory Submitter
  2. Create an account, add your sites
  3. Start your submission

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Free Directory Submitter

Forget about link exchange. Directory submission is the key to building your website one-way links and increasing your site popularity with search engines!

If you own a website and you're looking for ways to generate traffic towards your site, then you've probably heard about directory submission -- one of the most preferred methods of link building used by webmasters to increase the credibility of their website.

Let us introduce you to Fast Directory Submitter, the only directory submission software you will ever need. With Fast Directory Submitter, you put in your site profile only once and then click "Submit" in each directory. Nothing could be easier.

Fast Directory Submitter is an easy-to-use free directory submission tool that allows you submit your website with varying title (anchor text) and description to thousands web directories in a record time. With smart build-in features of Fast Directory Submitter, you can save a lot of your time, money and generate natural traffic to your site. Fast Directory Submitter includes 418 directories.

We care about our directory database quality. Unlike other directory submission software we don't include the directories which charge a submission fee or require a reciprocal link as well as the directories that come from the same IP address. Google may see the sites which have the same IP as having a "relation" with each other and thus treat them differently. It is quite possible that multiple links from the directories with the same IP address are not given full weight. Plus, all the directories in our database are indexed by Google. If Google doesn’t index the directory, then you are wasting your time and money as your link will never be seen by anyone.

While submitting the site Fast Directory Submitter will rotate the link title (anchor text), description and keywords with each directory that makes each submission look as unique as possible and also helps get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles.

If your link has the same title (anchor text) in all the directories, Google sees that link as spam and will discount it heavily. Diversify your anchor text in a 40%/40%/20% manner:  40% contain generic anchors like "Click here", "Read more", "Go here" etc, 40% contain a generic anchor and your domain, for example, "visit", "click", "visit my website", and 20% of your anchors contain your keywords. That's enough to satisfy Google. And use your primary and secondary sets of keywords in the description.

Fast Directory Submitter shows the current Google PR of each link directory. For your convenience you can assign a custom color to each submission status in Fast Directory Submitter if you wish to use a color coding system to keep track of your submissions or anything else.

Form Auto-Completion: you don’t waste your time for entering your link information as Fast Directory Submitter automatically fills in the submission form for you. The program also suggests the right category for your site. If there are many relevant categories in the directory, you can look though all of them and select the best one. Then you just click "Submit" button and go to the next directory.

Submission Auto-Confirmation: you know that many directories send a confirmation email with a link to confirm your website submission. In Fast Directory Submitter you can fully automate this process. Fast Directory Submitter can check your mailbox at regular time intervals and confirm submissions automatically -- big time saver!

Plus, in Fast Directory Submitter you can check the directories for your site listing and export the URLs of the pages where your link is on to a file -- you can ping those pages later helping Google index your approved listings.

You'll never lose your submission history because Fast Directory Submitter auto saves it for you. You can have a report about your directory submission campaign at any time. You can save the report to a file or print it right away.

Plus you get unlimited email support for as long as you need it and much more...

Let's recap on what you can do with Fast Directory Submitter:
  • Stop searching for related directories manually -- we have 500+ free directories for you
  • Save hours of time when submitting your website to link directories
  • Get your website rank higher in search engines and increase its popularity -- you generate more traffic to your site!
  • Submit an unlimited number of websites
  • Submit the website with varying titles and descriptions -- you get your site ranked for different keywords in Google!
  • Automate submission confirmation process -- big time saver!
  • Automate captcha resolving -- the submission speed increases in times!
  • Check the directories for your site listing -- you have a full control under your submissions
  • Export the URLs of the pages where your link is on to a file -- you can ping those pages later helping Google index your approved listings
  • Add the URLs of the pages where your site is listed at to Backlinks Indexer -- it helps you get thousands links pointed at your URLs valued by Google
  • Export a submission history report for your personal records
  • Sort the directory list alphabetically form A-Z and Z-A by any field
  • Quickly search for any directory in the submitter
  • Add a user comment to any directory in the submitter


Bonus for Fast Directory Submitter Users!


Top 13 SEO Mistakes: Tricks and Illusions of Web Page Optimization


Download Link Directory Submitter

In this report we reveal secret tricks of website search engine optimization. You'll learn about the techniques that have been used, or are being used to improve the search engine rankings but that are outside of the search engine general guidelines.

Just look at the Table of Contents:


Top 13 SEO Mistakes

  1. Keyword Spamming and Spamdexing
  2. Invisible and Semi-Visible Text
  3. Use of the Comment Tag
  4. Information Pages
  5. Redirect Pages
  6. Optimization for Relevant and Off-Topic Keywords
  7. Use of Alphabetically Advantaged Titles
  8. Power of One Pixel Image
  9. The "Bait and Switch" Technique
  10. IP Address Check or the "Food" Technique
  11. The Hidden Form Tags: <Input> and <Option>
  12. Use of CSS to Conceal Text and Links on the Page
  13. The Mini-Net Strategy

Just 4 simple steps to get the ebook:

  • Download and install Fast Directory Submitter if you don't have it yet
  • Create a user account in Fast Directory Submitter
  • Go to Members Area on this site
  • Login using your email address and password from Fast Directory Submitter

....and here you are! Click on the Download Now link to save the report to the disk.


Here is what our customers say about Fast Directory Submitter...
I am really happy with FSD because, having employed all the SEO tools that I can find, over the last three years on my website, I had been unable to achieve a Google position of higher than 11 out of 11,100,000 web sites for my keyword.

It took me half an hour to learn how to use FSD and about a day to submit my site to 1350 directories. Just one week later, and with half of my directory submissions still pending acceptance, my site is now ranked at position 8, which is on the all important Google results page 1.

I'm not expecting to achieve results in a couple of weeks but I was impressed that by increasing my external links from 238, which is what it was before I started to use FDS, to 335 today - just by using FDS, that my Google position has gone up from 11 to 8 - and I haven't done anything else other than use FDS. I am hopeful that by the time some other directories approve my link and when Google has indexed them all that I should see good results. Far outperforming the cost of the FDS and the time involved. Already, just by being on page one we are receiving more phone calls.

Well done, G-Lock!

Ian Sturtivant
Stratagem MarketChecker


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